4 Advantages of Having a Dedicated Server


Dedicated Server

If your website has reached the point where the number of visitors is overwhelming and you need to upgrade your hosting package, then it is time you thought about a cheap dedicated server USA. Cheap in the sense that it is not as expensive as some of the others but it still delivers the benefits that come with having a dedicated server.

Many websites are hosted on shared servers and this means they have limited RAM and the bandwidth at some point becomes too little. As your business progresses, a cheap dedicated server USA may be the best step to take to accommodate your new demands. Here are some of the advantages you will enjoy.

More Control Over Resources

When the server is dedicated to your website, you get to enjoy all the resources that come with it. You no longer have to worry about RAM or bandwidth, since you have the entire capacity to yourself so even when there is high traffic, you will receive the same performance. You can also install your own software without having to worry about how it will affect other users. In short, you are in control.

Better Security

One of the biggest concerns for most websites is the safety of their data. When you have shared hosting, your data is at a higher risk of malware attacks as well as crashes. By separating the data and having your own server, the threats to your website are minimized. You can install your own trusted security applications and sometimes even physical security to ensure there is no damage to the server Your customer can also feel more assured of their safety as they use your website especially if you are an e-commerce site that handles sensitive customer information.

Better Overall Performance

One of the most convincing reasons people will switch to dedicated hosting is the performance of a website once you make the switch. With ranking being a big issue, it helps to have a website that will rank highly because of its fast loading speeds. Since you have huge storage and bandwidth, the website will perform better. Even though you spend more to have a dedicated server, there is also saving incurred since you rarely have to worry about crashes and downtime.

Free Support

Many companies are learning that they cannot keep on directly investing in technology. Services like IT support are best outsourced or purchased as a complimentary service. When you have a dedicated server, this is what you can achieve. You will have an IT support team who will help you with different tasks involved in running the server on the back-end. In the long run, even though you may have spent more than you would on a shared server, you gain more and save as well.

The price involved in securing a dedicated server may be a cause for hesitation for some, but in the long run, your business does benefit a great deal from the investment and there are affordable packages that you can take advantage of.

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